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You-Pick Flower Experience

at Flowers on the Hill

5787 W. Middlebury Rd, Wyoming, NY

Welcome to our You-Pick Flower Experience!

We are busy planting! Stay tuned for our 2024 opening date. 

We are hoping to get the field opened by the end of June this season!

If you love grabbing a bouquet of flowers from our farmstand or your local flower shop, you'll love coming out to our field and picking your own fresh pitcher of flowers!

We are currently booking You-Pick Experiences by appointment only. Please read below for more information and then click on the Book Now button to reserve your spot.

We look forward to seeing you in the flowers!


How it Works

When you book an appointment for our You-Pick Experience, you are able to choose flowers from our 32, 100-foot long flower beds full of annual and perennial blooms! We have farm-favorites like sunflowers, zinnias and dahlias along with a variety of other flowers in colors and textures that are sure to provide you with a beautiful arrangement when you are done!

Each You-Pick appointment is $25 to be paid upon arrival at the farm. We accept cash and Venmo (with a small transaction fee added) as forms of payment. All visitors are required to check in and check out for their appointment. 

At check-in, we will provide you with a pitcher to cut your flowers into and scissors for cutting. Each appointment is 90 minutes long to give you plenty of time to leisurely enjoy the flower field and its spectacular views of Wyoming County! Please arrive on time for your appointment.

At check-out, you will return the pitcher and scissors and take your flowers home in a disposable cup. 

You are invited to stroll through the flowers, snip fresh blooms, snap some photos and soak in the outdoors. We will be available to answer your questions if you have any, but will otherwise leave you to enjoy the experience!

Restroom facilities are now located near the flower field for your convenience!


Where To Go

When you arrive at the farm for your appointment, look for the You-Pick sign (pictured to the left) and pull on in!

Keep driving past the flower beds and barn to your right (don't worry that the driveway turns to grass!) and park just beyond the silos (pictured to the right). You will see parking signs along the way and we'll be out there to wave you in if you get lost. 

Once parked, come on over to the welcome stand and we will get you all ready to pick your flowers!

Please note that we are a working farm and the flower beds not in the You-Pick area and all buildings are off-limits to visitors. Anyone found outside the designated You-Pick zone will be asked to leave the farm immediately. 


   Farm Policies   


We love our pets as much as you do! In fact you may see our pup, Millie, around the farm on your visit. Unfortunately, for the safety of all visitors (and all animals!), dogs and other pets are not allowed on visits to the farm. Please leave them home during your appointment.



As mentioned above, all areas of the farm outside the designated You-Pick area are private and off limits to visitors. Anyone found outside the You-Pick area will be asked to leave the farm immediately. 

Flowers and plants attract bees and bugs. Don't be surprised if you see some! Flowers also have pollen that can trigger allergies (trust us - we know this one firsthand!).If you have a bee allergy or other allergies, please be prepared in case of an allergic reaction during your visit. 

Please keep in mind that this is a working farm when dressing for your appointment. The ground may be uneven or rough in places so appropriate footwear is required. You may also want to pack a hat or sunscreen if you plan on staying for your entire appointment slot!

Children of all ages are welcome to visit our You-Pick field! While visiting, please keep children closely supervised and do not allow them to use the pruners (they are SHARP!). While we want kids to have fun, please be respectful of our flowers and farm - no running around the beds!



Party Time!

Having a bridal shower? Birthday party? Anniversary celebration?

We'd love for your party to come pick flowers with us! For private parties or any group of 10 or more people, please send us an email with your preferred picking date and the number of people picking and we will work together to book the field for your party. 

Check out our events tab and keep an eye on our Facebook page to sign up to participate in our on-farm events! 



We'd love to hear from you!

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