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Coral Flowers

Wedding FAQs

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What is your floral style?

As flower farmers, we are truly inspired by the natural beauty of our flower fields and we aim to recreate that beauty in our designs. We love to work with florals, greenery and other elements that are in season on our farm the day of your wedding, guaranteeing that your flowers will be as fresh and beautiful as possible and also guaranteeing that each wedding will be as unique as the blooms we are able to harvest that day. We strive to create pieces with varied textures, colors and tones in order to maintain a garden-like feel throughout all of our floral designs.


Check out our Wedding Gallery to see pictures of some of our past work. 

Can I choose specific flowers for my wedding?

Unfortunately, with the unpredictability of Mother Nature, we are unable to guarantee specific flowers for your wedding day, as what is in bloom on the farm at any given time will vary from season to season. Instead, we will work with you to determine a color palette for your wedding flowers, and we will harvest the freshest, most beautiful blooms in those colors to design your wedding florals. Don't worry! If necessary, we are able to order flowers from other local growers or our wholesaler to complete a wedding order, but this is something done only if we cannot design your flowers with the fresh, seasonal blooms grown on our farm. 

What if I don't meet the floral minimum?

Don't worry! If your request for wedding flowers does not meet our minimum, we will work with you to add floral pieces to your wedding that will complement your style and add beauty to your wedding day. If our minimum for full service florals is more than you are comfortable spending on wedding flowers, you may consider our DIY wedding flower buckets, our micro wedding package, or a combination of the two! 

Can I pick my own wedding flowers?

Absolutely! We have had several brides come to our farm to pick their own flowers in the past few years! In fact, we've heard from a few brides that picking their flowers was the most fun and relaxing part of their entire wedding planning! Whether you're looking for buckets of flowers for your big day, your shower or even a fun activity at a bachelorette, we've got you covered. Contact us and we can figure out just what you're looking for and how we can help make it happen!

What is required to book my wedding date?
Can I visit the farm to see what you grow before booking?

As you can imagine, this is something we get asked quite frequently and, unfortunately due to time constraints, private visits are not something we allow. If you'd like to check out what we grow, you're welcome to book a You-Pick appointment during the growing season and come walk through the field, see what's in bloom and pick your own flowers! Please keep in mind that the flowers blooming at the time of your visit may not be the same flowers blooming at that time next year. 

The exception to our private tour rule is for couples who have already booked with us! As a Flowers on the Hill couple, we welcome you to set up an appointment a few weeks prior to your wedding to come walk through the flowers, see what's in bloom and get a feel for what we'll be using to design your wedding florals. Our past couples have enjoyed getting to see where their flowers are grown! 

Coral Flowers
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